Martha Rhodes


Despite a seemingly ideal life as a successful career person, wife, and mother, Rhodes succumbed to depression and overdosed on Xanax and alcohol in an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Her book, 3,000 Pulses Later, describes her challenges with undiagnosed and untreated, drug-resistant depression and her struggle to find an alternative to the six prescribed antidepressants that failed to relieve her symptoms. A large focus of the book is her experience with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), which has relieved her depression symptoms, medication free, for over eight years.

The growing interest in Rhodes by the medical community and the public—both here in the U.S. and abroad—serves to provide a growing audience for the book while more significantly, the book helps spread the word about this highly effective therapy.  

Martha continues to write in her blog and on the premier TMS patient community website,, where she is a featured contributor.

She is currently working on a fiction novel that she hopes will inspire readers living a non-fictional life.

Martha voices her insights, opinions, and missives on her blog, The Mighty [s]Word.

TMS Patient Advocate

Martha currently devotes her time as a TMS Patient Advocate to patients and health care professionals who contact her from throughout the United States, and from as far away as Europe, South America, Canada, The Middle East, Australia, South Africa, and India through emails:

Rhodes was one of the catalysts for getting TMS therapy covered by insurance (commercial payers and Medicare) in all fifty United States. She has appeared internationally in the United Kingdom where she spoke in Wales and in England at the University of Nottingham’s Institute of Mental Health’s official TMS launch. This event was attended by patients, members of the UK National Health Service, and researchers from Nottingham, Oxford, and Cambridge Universities and provides the most recent example of increasing international acceptance of this highly successful therapy. 

She is on the Patient Advisory Council for Neuronetics’ NeuroStar Advanced Therapy and the Hartford Healthcare/Institute of Living Patient and Family Advisory Council.

In 2015 Martha completed a major public service video project with Emory University’s Office of Technology Transfer called Put A Face On It. 

Book Shepherd

Martha Rhodes’s first job out of college was working for the production director of a Boston publishing house which set her on a road to understanding how “the ink gets on the paper”. Her career has spanned decades of working in several of the major New York advertising agencies, beginning with a position as Art Director/Type Director and leading to a Senior Partner position at Ogilvy & Mather as Director of Integrated Operations. She is familiar with the creative process, project management, and production in addition to online/digital production. She is a self-published author of a memoir that has sold over 20,000 copies to date. Martha has worked with several authors at various stages of their book journey and she understands the practical aspects of self-publishing as well as the emotional investment each author makes to his or her own book project.

As a self-published independent author who designed and produced her own book, Martha has applied her talents from her 30-year career as an art director in the advertising industry and developed a small business to help other authors see their books come to life. You can read more about The Pushpin Press at

Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera

Martha Rhodes enjoys speaking to both large and small groups about her experience with Treatment Resistant Depression and the life-saving therapy Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. She gives frequent presentations to a variety of service groups, psychiatric nursing students, libraries, and women’s groups.

Martha was named a 2016 PM360 ELITE Winner in the Patient Advocacy category. The ELITE (Exceptional Leaders, Innovators, Transformers and Entrepreneurs) represent the most influential people in the healthcare industry. 

Rhodes is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston and has done post-graduate work at Harvard University Extension as well as The School of Visual Arts in New York. Martha lives in Connecticut with her husband of forty-five years and their rescue dog, Josie. They have two grown children and three grandchildren.

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