Events & Media

3,000 Pulses Later was mentioned in Psychology Today, as part of the discussion on ECT vs. TMS. You can view the full article here.


Martha's treatment and journey with TMS were recently featured on the New York Times blog Well. Read the full article here.


Martha and her Team NeuroStar TMS participated in the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) 5K Walk 2013 in Hartford on Saturday, May 18th. Together the team raised almost $2,000 for the good work NAMI provides to patients and their families throughout Connecticut.

Here’s Team TMS BEFORE the 5K. From left to right: Lisa Guerrera (The TMS Center of Wilton) Maria Hardin (Consultant for Rare Disorders) Rosalind Sklar (TMS Coordinator) Martha Rhodes, John Rhodes (Music Educator) 


Here’s Team TMS AFTER the 5K. We made the entire walk and raised almost $2K!


Our T-Shirt Message tied in the 3,000 Pulses for TMS. I did a little online research for the average sized walker. There are approximately 6,000 Steps in a 5K walk, so we did the math: 6,000 STEPS + 3,000 PULSES = TEAM TMS NEUROSTAR .


The events described in this memoir are true. Some names have been replaced by pseudonyms in order to protect privacy, particularly those of medical personnel. This book is intended to reflect the life experiences of the author and in no way should it be considered to be medical advice, recommendations for treatment, or a replacement for medical care given by physicians or trained medical personnel. The author refers to and thereby endorses NeuroStar TMS Therapy® in this book because it was the only FDA-cleared transcranial magnetic therapy device available at the time of treatment and is an integral part of her story. This is by no means a promotional or advertising vehicle for NeuroStar TMS Therapy® nor does the author have any financial ties to Neuronetics, Inc.